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Small Package - Big Fun​

100% pawesome - zero boredom

Workshops are a great way to try something new or jump-start you and your dog’s learning on a specific subject.

teach. play. learn.

Special topics

Small groups

Max. 4 - 6 teams

Intensive learning

Personalized games

Q & A sessions

Access to the private BND Facebook group

Continue your learning !

Brilliant Brains

Dogs are smart. Yep, even that couch potato snoring next to you right now. How smart? Let him show you.

Challenge that cognitive canine and boost his little grey cells with brilliant brain games.

Super Sniffers

Got a dog whose nose seems to be on the ground all the time?

Want to find out what all that sniffing is about?

Come test your dog’s olfactory skills and get a glimpse of what our super sniffers are capable of.

Let's Play Doctor

Stressed at the vets? Putting off cutting those nails?

If we can get a tiger to offer his paws for a blood draw, we can get your pooch to be cool at the groomers.

Cooperative, fear-free and without constraint.

Total Recall

It’s funner out there in the wide open air.

Ah, the call of the wild. A person callling. In the distance, her dog, running full speed in the opposite direction, ears flapping in the wind. Sound familiar?

Do you struggle to get your dog to come back when you call her? Does everything seem to be more interesting than you?

Then our rock-solid recall games are for you.

Give your dog a reason to choose you over all the cool stuff that’s out there.

Weekly classes

6- and 8-week courses

Go from zero to hero with our weekly classes.

Revolving enrollment – drop in anytime!

Reactivity Survival Skills*

Living with a so-called reactive dog can be stressful. So is being one.

This workshop will give you and your dog the coping skills to face real-life challenges with confidence.

Give up the drama and start  building trust.

*Reactivity is a response to an emotional distress, often rooted in fear and a lack of confidence. There is no quick fix. This 6-week class is a first step and gives you powerful management options that help you begin to turn things around.  It is not a remedial socialization class.

Life's a Game

Real life is not about walking in circles.

Self-control is more important than sit stays. Optimism trumps obedience any day.

Get a grip on reality with games that teach lifeskills, not behaviors.

Powered by the gamechanging awesomeness that is AbsoluteDogs™.

Puppy Power

Yay puppies !!!
All shiny and new and eager to see the world…
…and to eat your shoes, jump on your guests, and chomp on your fingers.
There’s nothing more rewarding – and potentially frustrating – then welcoming a new puppy into your life.
Use those precious puppyhood weeks to build a relationship of trust and learn skills to last a lifetime.

One-to-One Coaching

Individual sessions, customized for you and your dog.

Because some things are personal

Reactivity, fears, wariness–many behavior struggles benefit from a personalized 1-on-1 approach.

If your dog has a hard time coping with life, we want to give you both the tools to face the world with confidence and a real action plan so you are ready for reality.

One-to-One coaching sessions include access to the BND private Facebook group as well as a personal game plan to continue your learning.